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Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States

Well, let’s see … For starters, (and most obvious lol) I am an Artist.

I've been drawing ever since I could remember. As I have gotten older, I notice it’s a dying breed.

I live in a world where a 7 year old can pick up a paint brush and splatter some paint and sell it for thousands and thousands of dollars … and I can't even sell a simple Water-Color >.<
Most would call this ‘Jealousy’, but I assure you it is not. It’s more a sadness, a deep, dark, ominous sadness. To know that true art is not as appreciated as it once was. To know that, most Artist’s will never see their work in an Art Museum 100 years from now.

That any teenager can play with their settings on their cell phone camera, and suddenly become a photographer … Or a toddler can throw paint at a wall and become the next big thing.

I know I am rambling, as I most often do …

I selected 'Artisan Crafts', although I am not quite sure this is correct for me. My true talent has always been in sketching/drawing. However, at the start of 2013 I was inspired to start my own ‘Hobby Shop’ and that’s just what I did. As you've probably guessed it by my Screen Name, my Hobby Shop is called “Crafted DreamScapes” and it can be found on Etsy and most recently on my own home website here.

There you will find the various works that would more likely fall under ‘Artisan’, I make Dream Catchers, Clay Dragons, Beaded Spiders and a lot of other things … Trying to fill the world with my little creations as much as I can.

Building my little Army of ‘Bitties’ is what I think I most enjoy … each one, once finished, I am so very proud of. I've been inspired by many Artists, even Artists on DA. I’ve been focused on making my Clay Dragons more than much of my other work lately because it’s what’s more wanted, or so it seems … or seemed.

I've had a lot of rough bumps in the road they call ‘life’, I had a decent childhood, or as close to one I imagine. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I realized everything I knew as a child, was wrong. That age old question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” … Always thinking I had the answer before everyone, I’d always immediately answer “I want to be an Artist!” … As time went on, even with my friends in awe of my drawings, I soon realized my dream, was just that … a dream.

I became a mother at the young age of 17, and by the time I was 21, I had three awesome, great kids. I just wish I could have said the same for the man I chose to have them with.

I am a survivor of domestic abuse.

I am going to skip most of this part of my life, it was 8 ½ years of hell for me. I will always love my older three children, I never regret them – I just wish I made wiser choices as a teenager.

I didn't start getting back into my art until my husband David whom I met in 2007 as friends, but got with in 2008/2009 and married in 2012. He’s my motivator; he gave me my inspiration and is constantly there for me when it comes to my work.

He’s also the ‘investor’ when it comes to Crafted DreamScapes, as without him, I would have never of had enough money to have all the wonderful things I have.

We share a wonderful little girl together, Rogue (but we call her Bibbles). She came into this world July of 2014 and has been the Sun to our Universe.

Laura, Sage & Aiden (my older three children) just adore their little sister, and so does David’s son from his previous relationship. They are great older siblings – Bibbles united all our children and they are just the greatest towards her.

My life has always been an open book, those that ask, shall get an answer. I have no secrets.

I hope you enjoy what art I do have to share, it’s a lot of old stuff, and some new stuff – Obviously you can tell the new from the old, as over the years, I have gotten better (thankfully LoL!) Especially when it comes to my Digital Art, mainly I do Anime when it comes to Digital Art, I've always had a strange obsession with drawing Anime.

I find it very beautiful, detailed – Just alluring in general for me.

I don't do as much of it as I should, mainly because it is very time consuming, the one I have that features the blue haired faerie, is yet to be finished and has been sitting on an external hard drive for over 3 years now. Maybe someday I will find the time to finish it … and maybe even correct the Zombie Chick Anime >.<

For now, I will concentrate on my Dragons, Dream Catchers, Drawings and Paintings – and other crafts.

I hope all of this helps to get to know me better, I hate writing long ‘About Me’ sections, but given I'm in my 30’s, it’s so very hard to be short in them now that I have lived.

I've spared you a lot of details, as much as I wanted to go into my past life, the how’s, the why’s … I just don't like talking about it, plus, I don't like to bore you until the point you won’t read the rest of this, so you'll have to excuse the gaps of my last relationship, the entire back story on meeting my husband, my College life, etc.

I would like to also mention, I've always thought it important to inspire our children when it comes to Art, I actually plan on becoming an Elementary or Middle School Art Teacher, to hopefully teach children the wonders of Art and it’s endless abilities to open the mind to creation, to imagination – To take you to another world entirely – Our children need to learn that nothing can hold you back, so long as you have your creativity and imagination!

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again,


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